Through the endeth of the year everyone changes, but its not always bad. Some to the bett’r and some to the opposite. The most imp’rtant thing is that, at the endeth of the year thy  grades art v’ry imp’rtant and thy cater-cousins shouldn’t matt’reth to thou then. If they w’ren’t thither f’r thou in the beginning who said they will be thither f’r thou in the endeth. Thou nor not needs to be the cause of corruption (Drama), and enjoy the last few weeks, ev’rything will be diff’rent anyways, f’r thou and f’r them. Thy cater-cousins art definitely not what will make thou successful in life; success is what matters anyway.

Ding Dong Ditch

Everyone in middle school goes through a tough time. It happens and no one knows who is their real friend until high school. There will always be arguments and fights that will split up friendships; that is the nature of middle school, unfortunately. Its very vexating to have friends who once say you guys will last together for the whole year but then they ditch you once you’re not friends with one person.  Its called being fake. I don’t mean to be rude or sassy but I have learned a lot about friendship and now I am a professional in friendship. I have had so many ups and downs in my middle school life, but I something I am very lamentable to my action toward this girl in my grade; I would do what I can just so I gain back her friendship but I am not sure if she would want that. Also, I regret the mean things and the gossip and the breaks I had with this other girl. They both were the best friends I could ask for because we were so alike and so different and that’s what made us nuptial but unfortunately that’s is not how us three are today. We were the three musketeers but girls. I really do wish every wrong wouldn’t have happened I really wish I could go back to those days. But maybe it was for the best? I really don’t know. And if its meant to be to be close again then it will happen. But I entreat  that by the end of 8th grade, my issues will be solved or will go away. But I did learn from my mistakes. Who to trust and who not to trust. Who to love and who to not mind. This may have been a challenging year but I have learned so much and I will take each of it and do it I learn something and now is my turn to do it. I can be very wrath on my actions or on the actions of others, to be quite honest I am not very calm I am forgiving but I do get angry quite quickly. But one thing I am very confused about is this girl lets call her Blueberry. I am not sure whether I am okay with not being friends with her or if I do want to be friends with her. I remember once before winter break, we were all sitting on the bleachers and this girl said that Mr. Gohr said a lot of friendships change after break and those three girls I thought for sure were going to stay together but unfortunately it was us that broke up and Blueberry put her had on my knee and spoke “We will always stay together, right?” But us two now are opposite of friends she almost odious towards me. And I do remember a lot of memories with all of them and its all very confusing because what she did to me I can’t really forget it and I am not sure if I should forgive her. But I say again, before the end of the year I do not want to be enemies with her. But now my lunch is sometimes marred, because its like she takes my friends away from me and I really don’t like that because she doesn’t have the right to do so. But I repeat, by 28 school days I pray everything will be okay. If its not okay its not the end. I am very passionate of this quote. 


Blog 7


I saw her. I was there. I did nothing.

She screamed until her lungs ripped out!

She begged for help, and she could do was pout.

No one heard. No one  noticed. No one was there.

I was there. I saw her. I did nothing


I saw her. I was there. I did nothing

Too many voices stormed her heard.

Dying everyday, paining every minute, thinking every second if she were dead.

I saw her. I was there.

I did nothing to stop her. All I did was stare.

But I can’t blame her, she couldn’t bare.

The pain of living is just the start.

She said sorry I’m breaking your heart.

I saw her I was there.

Mom. You left me!

I saw the pain, the every tear  you shed.


Without you, life is not for me.

Time for the world to set me free.

All the time we shared,

When no one else cared.

I saw her. I was there.

You murdered me when I was alive.

It’s impossible to survive.

Every day

Clouds of darkness arise over me

Wedged between walls of ice

Gloomy Shadows, bad luck dice.

Now that you’re gone I think about you  a lot.

You cannot imagine the suffering this has brought.

I count the minutes  to Heaven and seeing you again.

I pray you are at peace my angel, while I am in pain.

All I want to do is die.

So I guess this is my goodbye.

And my hello to you , my Mama.


Blog 5

I honestly don’t know  if it is just me or do people change really fast? I am not saying I don’t change but, something someone I had sincere hope in changes for other people in a split of a second. It’s actually quite sad. I remember  having friends and having sincere loyal ones; but when they change just for boys or popularity? That is pathetic. I hate being rude, but I myself have been going through a time of figuring out my real friends. But, let me say confronting your friends and telling them how you feel is not as easy at is it seems! Seriously. I heard that at this school everyone goes through this tough time of people not liking you, or friends ditching you sadly for myself I start feeling like I don’t even have anyone to hang out with at lunch which makes me look like a loner but I do get to know who my real friends are and who stuck by me through my tough times.  But everyone has to be strong and not show anyone what they are feeling. I don’t want to show anyone what I feel because people may take advantage of me or I don’t want to show them what they want. I am the the type of person that makes mistakes; but does not realize them until it is too late which I hate! And I would love so much to change. The time I am going through now I will give time because nothing will be fixed until it is given time, plus it is a chance for me to take care of my self , my family, to change my self, and most importantly focus on my school work. To others that may seem dumb, but I am given the change so white not take advantage of that.  To people that know me, I absolutely hate it when people abandon you for others? Its like why were you friends with me in the first place if you were going to leave me just like that I would not ever want to be friends with them again. Or if someone stops being friends with you because their friend is not friends with you in anymore, so does that mean that they were only friends with you because that person was? Oh wait, then they are friends with you again when the other person is. -.- How about no? I am just so tired of all of that stuff and just want to be over with middle school drama so I can get to high school and know who is sincere to you. God I cannot wait!

Blog 4

Friendships are a roller coaster, not LIKE a roller coaster, but a roller coaster. It’s an up and down journey with the steep and gloomy moments, and the up high owning the world moments. As a matter of fact, what is a friend? In my opinion, a friend is someone always there; they don’t come and go, they are there for your up and downs. In fact, there is a bond between you too something special you don’t know it, but it is there. Trust, loyalty, honesty listening to you. The list could go on, even though there will be or there are differences between you too; that does not separate you too. I put it like this a friends are like seeds in a garden of life. Beginning with a seed of trust, nurtured with laughter and tears, finally growing into loyalty and love. Sometimes; friendship is something that cannot be explained, that is the beauty of it. On the other hand, sometimes you can be third wheeling which is horrible and will make you feel bad.  Nevertheless if your friend does not appreciate you for you and you feel that there is a little bit of tension being caused, do not wait, even if there might be drama caused; its better to tell him or her instead of telling others. Plus, if this is the cause of the break up of your friendship, most probably it is for the best. It will hurt for a while because the person who means so much to you is drifting away, this is a chance to meet new people. Make new friends.  Either way its fate, and you cannot change fate am I right? Regardless, I have made bad decisions, unfortunately yes I am getting consequences, how ever one of the largest consequences for me was losing the people that mean most to me. My best friends. Of course it is so tough, but I am a strong girl and if we do not make up; then I have nothing to do, if someone says specifically they do not what to be friends, where as I do. I cannot force someone to be my friend. I used to take this as a nightmare, conversely  it will be over. I really hope to find friends someday who will accept me for me fully with all my flaws and good characteristics. My sister always told me that you don’t find your real friends until high school; well hurry up high school!

Journey- a long and often difficult process of personal change and development AND an act of traveling from one place to another

Steep- (of a slope, flight of stairs, angle, ascent, etc.) rising or falling sharply; nearly perpendicular.

Gloomy-feeling distressed or pessimistic. Or causing distress or depression.

Nurtured- care for and encourage the growth or development of.

Drifting-move passively, aimlessly, or involuntarily into a certain situation or condition. and (of a person) walk slowly, aimlessly, or casually.

Who’s side? My best friend or the other?

“I know what I did was wrong and I regret it all! But everyone makes mistakes and I don’t know what to do I’m sorry everyday”  Said Brianna. “Yeah well what you did wasn’t right, and you did it to my best friend” replied Tiffany.  Tiffany is in the middle of the problem between Brianna and Audrey. When in fact she took Audrey’s side. What would you do in the situation? The best solution is to talk to  Tiffany and tell her to stay out of you. Brianna did mess up, however she knows her mistake and she doesn’t need others to point out her mistakes for her. Although Brianna regrets everything she did it still comes and bites her in the butt because we’re teens; and frankly we don’t know our real friends until really tough situations and I know because I have an older sister she believes you don’t make real friends until high school, then again that is her interpretation.  Consequently, your friends might drift away or not even not want to be friends but they don’t realize that everyone needs a second chance, in fact, they do not realize that one day they will make a horrible mistake and want people to be there for them to forgive them and not takes sides, whereas they themselves are not giving YOU a chance, however if they do not want to do so that will also prove to you that maybe they are not the right fit for you. Maybe, that person is not a true real friends because in qualities of a friend is forgiveness and loyalty. I say loyalty because they are being loyal to you as a friend if they stick by you and try to solve the situation instead of making you feel even more horrible about your mistake. This could be just me, but boy would it be nice if people gave you chances and forgave you, in my opinion I believe that if you were friends with someone and you became really good friends with them, well, that was for a reason and that reason most probably did not change about them they just make bad decisions; however that should not change who you are as a person to them and it should not change your friendship.

Screwing Up Badly but Forgiveness is not Given

Friendship is like life. Its practically a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs. But at times distraught  about your relationship could lead to the break up of your friendship. Also bickering about almost everything  or any mistake your friend does will cause a fuss and make your friend very vexed, because no one is perfect and people shouldn’t change for your please.  Usually friendship groups of three always turn out badly because there is massive chance that there is person that wants to break the special bond between two of the friends, so if you are gossiping to that one or if you tell her a secret about your friend there seriously is not doubt that he/she will tell your friend. Then, you will be in trouble and it could affect your friendship. Of course you begin to somber and dismal and confused whether you should tell her and admit or not so you just avert from the situation which makes it sometimes bigger. But let me tell you this. Gossip is just a bad bad way of letting out what you’re feeling.  If you apologized to your friend and put as much effort as you could to let her or him know how sorry you are and how much you regret everything you ever did but its up to them to forgive you or not. Don’t expect people to forgive and forget. The best that could happen is forgiveness. But if you want honesty gossiping like a drug, its perpetual. If, you would like to save the rest of your friendships a huge recommendation is to quit gossip and screwing up with your best friends. Its only for the best. But what you really have to think about is why? Is the reason really that strong to end your friendship? It breaks my heart; it makes me sad to think of all the times we had. You made me laugh and you made me cry. And all that I can do is sigh and wonder why. That’s what I think when I lose very important to me.  I went to tell you the future looked bright, but all of a sudden we got into a fight. (directed towards: Y&D) Just rethink everything and is worth it to end everything you have had? Just think and put all in your ability to build up your friendship again. “Trying to forget some one you love is like trying to remember some one you never knew.”- Unknown “Better never to have met you in my dream than to wake and reach for hands that are not there.”- Unknown

 Distraught (adjective) – Worried, anxious 

Bickering (verb/adjective) – Arguing 

Fuss- disturb or bother (someone). show unnecessary or excessive concern about something.

Vexed – (adjective/verb) Irritated, annoyed 

Massive – huge

Bond –  like a chemical bond

 Somber (adjective) – Gloomy, sad, serious

 Dismal (adjective) – Dreary, bleak 

 Avert – (verb) – To turn away, to prevent

 Perpetual – (adjective) Continual, continuous, without end

Post 1

As I said my blog is like an advice page, or what friendships go through the struggles and what the outcome usually is. Sometimes friendships are broken up from the tiniest problems, which can get really infuriating. For friendships its very normal to come across grapples, but you should never change who you are to please a friend because if a friend wants you to change that indubitably manifests that they weren’t friends with you for who YOU are but because of other reasons, which means that they are not true or real. Let me give you an example, two girls like the same guy, really close friends but one of them is really jealous of the other because she is really pretty. But the boy likes the really pretty friend  or they have a “thing” going on. So of course the jealous friend gets mad at the really pretty friend. But think about it; it’s not in her control if he likes her or wants to date her, and if your friend says that she would not and will not date the boy because of you and she likes him you have to feel pretty dang special and that means your friends are really loyal. Some of the most important attributes in friendship is honesty/trust, being there for each other a shoulder to cry, giving advice and listening to each others endless problems. Let me tell you this. you have to accept each others flaws and mistakes so others will accept but you know what is most important do not back stab each other, real friends would never ever even think of gossiping about each other. Girls have a habit of gossip but it takes a real and strong friend to not back stab their friends. This has sadly happened to me but do not EVER use your friend’s secrets to gain company from other people especially guys especially personal ones because that proves that not only are you untrustworthy but also disloyal and people don’t really like friends who own those characteristics. But let me tell you this, if you do mess up or doing something bad or something that would lead to an argument, just admit and be honest with your mistake instead of making twists and turns because frankly it will, no doubt, make matters worst.